laissez faire juxtapositions

ongoing project of thoughts and things juxtaposed with an unfaire philosophy in a tech bro world

How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul - The Atlantic

History of Corporate Law in the United States - Wikipedia

market rationality depends on human justification in mathematical terms. that is, mathematical equations justify market mechanisms in order to rationalize laissez faire systems. this is where the concept "the market doesn't care" comes from. in several instances, it ignores history in favor of an idealist mathematical determanistic view. in reality, these justifications have been used to maintain and/or evolve older systemic power structures (religion, slavery et al.).

The New Jim Crow

for me, libertarianism was a phase. i still have a lot of reading to do with regard to libertarian literature in order to have a better understanding of its flaws and therefore critiques. this particularly includes rothbard and the anarcho capitalist school of thought -- the funny oxymoronic compound that attempts to explain the libertarian ideal. i'm still debating as to whether or not neo-austrian school is worth exploring still or if i should just look to critiques of it for a summary.

2008 & 2020: The Combination That Changed Capitalism Forever [Yanis Varoufakis]

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